Services we offer
Solutions applied to multimodal transportation

To provide the development port activities, APMT Yucatan has a highly qualified human team that heed during 24 hours a day - it is in shifts of 8 hours, 365 days a year - the various areas of activity of the Company, as of its main activity - land and sea operations - as the maintenance and repair of the machinery.

The APMT Yucatan providing services stevedoring, charge and discharge of wares on the various modes of transport, sea and land, that it is able to operate, including ships and trucks.

Integral Logistics Platform

We offer a collection of features that combine to offer a integral support to CLIENT to providing competitive advantages. Between main features include:

Fiscal Area
Terminal Container
Strategic Location
World Class Infraestructure, among others.

Refrigerated Container Yard

We currently have storage capacity to 97 refrigerated containers.